Saturday, November 14, 2009

High mortality rate in Ukraine is caused by a wrong antibiotic treatment? A/H1N1 epidemic update.

With this post I would like to thank everyone who supported me during my flu-time. Thank you very much for your letters, comments and very kind words!

Now I feel much better and couldn’t stand but share with you the interview of Viktor Bachynsky, Head of the Chernivtsi Regional Bureau of the Medico-Legal Investigation. Mr Bachynsky was heading a group of medical professionals who were investigating the recent swine-flu fatal cases in Western Ukraine.

His conclusion is the following: it is not a pneumonia, but cardiopulmonary decompensation and cardiogenic shock, which causes death as a complication after the A/H1N1 virus. Simply said, the A/H1N1 virus in Ukraine is not causing pneumonia, but the toxic distress-syndrome, total lungs affection.

‘Antibiotics don’t help… One who has a strong immune system survives. One with weak immune system dies’, the medico-legal expert says. Viktor Bachynsky emphasized that high morbidity and mortality rate in Ukraine is caused not by a severe infection, but with wrong antibiotic treatment, when in lot of cases people were taking antibiotics without prescription.

Mr. Bachysnky also said that widely advertized in Ukraine Tamiflu may be useful only when is taken within first 48-72 hours.

The full Ukrainian version of the interview is here.

The Health Ministry of Ukraine informed yesterday that 1 million 308 thousands 911 Ukrainianы are sick with flu, ARVI or its coplications. 265 Ukrainians died since 29 October 2009, 26 of them – since Thursday.

Meanwhile, the WHO European Regional Office informed yesterday that the ‘initial analysis of information indicates that the numbers of severe cases do not appear to be excessive when compared to the experience of other countries and do not represent any change in the transmission or virulence of the virus’ in Ukraine.

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elmer said...

It is common knowledge that one does NOT treat virus with anti-biotics.

Anti-biotics are intended to treat bacteria, and are specific to the general type of bacteria.

A huge problem is that people did not present themselves to the hospital until it was too late - and thus, the doctors had a difficult time diagnosing the situation.

Why? Because diagnosing the flu, including H1N1, takes about 4 days. One has to take a blood sample, and culture the virus.

Plus, Ukraine has a shortage of labs - the oligarchs have been too busy since 1991 robbing the country blind, and buying villas in Switzerland (like Kolomoisky) and yachts and jets (like Firtash) and stealing money through government.

So roads, bridges, healthcare, etc., fall by the wayside.

And, indeed, prescribing anti-biotics without cause can cause more harm than good.

The NY Times had a pretty good article about it.