Friday, November 6, 2009

871 thousand of Ukrainians are sick with flu, ARVI or pneumonia - Health Ministry of Ukraine

Official information of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as of 6 November 2009: 871037 Ukrainians are sick with flu, ARVI or pneumonia. 135 died, 25 of them - has died today.

Deputy Head of Kyiv City Administration Irena Kilchytska has just informed at the TV-show I'm watching now that there are 7 proved A/H1N1 cases in the capital of Ukraine, and 2 women died.


Anonymous said...

Any statistics on the Odessa oblast area? I have relatives in the oblast area.

Tetyana Vysotska said...

Odessa region is under the epidemic treshold. According to the Health Ministry report (9 November), there are 32301 people sick in the region, less than 2000 are in hospitals, and 1 person dyed (starting from 29 October).