Friday, November 14, 2008

Viktor Yanukovych backs Viktor Yushchenko’s image?

“I don’t want to believe that Viktor Yushchenko wanted the resignation of Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, this is how the ex-Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk commented the situation around his dismissal in an interview for one of Ukrainian TV channels on 13 November 2008. “And moreover (I don’t want to believe. – T.V.) that he gave such a command”.

It seems to me nobody wants us to believe that.

Even the biggest enemy of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko at times of the Orange Revolution, and the main opposition leader as for the current moment Viktor Yanukovych. At least, the statement of leader of the Party of Regions on 13 November sounded very supportive towards President. “Yushchenko called me from Warsaw (on 12 November. – T.V.) and asked me to stop a process of dismissal of Yatseniuk and to have consultations. I refused to do that”, said Yanukovych.

Nevertheless, Arseniy Yatseniuk didn’t give any answer to a question on possibility for a new political party he’s going to form to join Yushchenko’s block at snap parliamentary election.

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