Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snap parliamentary elections are not forgotten in Ukraine

After a joint vote in favour of an anti-crisis law by three parliamentary faction – Presidential OU-PS, Prime minister’s Block of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT) and People’s party of Volodymyr Lytvyn – all the weekend in Ukraine was dedicated to the discussion on whether a new democratic coalition will be formed in Ukrainian parliament. Some people were also mentioning a "secret meeting" of President and Prime minister, where they had allegedly reached an agreement not to have early elections and to try to keep parliament working. Even on Monday analytics were trying to calculate whether a uniting (at least between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko forces) is possible. But the same day this dream was ruined: at first, by a person from President’s Administration and at second, by Viktor Yushchenko himself.

The first newsmaker was Deputy Head of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine Andriy Kyslynskyi. “The adoption of anti-crisis law can not be seen as a renovation of the Verkhovna Rada’s ability to work”, he told at the press conference on Monday morning. “It means that the ground on which the Decree on early termination of credentials of the Parliament was signed has not lost its actuality.”

The Constitution of Ukraine provides the only legitimate way out of political crisis – early election. Election is as an instrument, not an end in itself. No imitation of work of the lawmakers, blocking of a tribune or frightening by the economic problems can put obstacles in the way of democratic procedures… We learned that more than 1,5 years ago, when the Government of Viktor Yanukovych had used the same arguments as the Government of Tymoshenko today”, Mr. Kyslynskyi has added.

After that speech of the Secretariat’ functionary one might think that the officials are declaring the things the President simply is a bit concerned to tell by himself. But this guess was also broken very soon. Giving a press conference in a little Western Ukrainian town of Vyzhnytsia (Bukovyna region), Viktor Yushchenko told that he doesn’t see any political force in the parliament who is in favour of the current Prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, except of faction of the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko.

I am sure: if Prime minister had acted honestly towards the coalition, hadn’t negotiated behind-the-scene, hadn’t taken consultations how to turn the course of Ukraine to another direction, this coalition would have worked for a long time”, said Viktor Yushchenko. He added that his faction OU-PS doesn’t want to come back to coalition, because it has no trust to ex-partners: that’s why the early election is the only constitutional way out.


elmer said...

It looks like Baloha has disappeared somewhere.

And it looks like Yushchenko is delusional.

90% of the people don't want snap elections.

Yet Yushchenko, with a psychotic hatred of Tymoshenko for some reason, claims that noone likes Tymo.

And, after talking about getting along and agreeing in a time of crisis, he keeps finding every lame excuse he can to - not agree.

Delusional. Sick.

Tetyana Vysotska said...

Baloha has really disappeared. Physically he hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s still in Kiev on his working place – this week he was shaking hands with Muammar Gaddafi, and I’ve read some info on Baloha’s current work (by the way, it may be a topic for my next post). But you are right, he disappeared in a meaning he makes no public speeches as he's used to, and just stays like a “grey shadow” within a President’s sight.
Talking about the early election, I think that in one-two-three months 90% of the people of Ukraine will want to go to polls, just to stop this vakhanalia inside the political circles, when politicians and high officials are only fighting and accusing each other in all the sins, but aren't doing anything essential to take the country out of economy crisis.