Friday, December 12, 2008

Parliamentary cheating – III. Is Yulia Tymoshenko trying to steal the President’s faction?

Just 30 minutes ago the press conference of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was finished. First of all, Mrs. Tymoshenko declared that the parliamentary coalition of three factions – the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT), the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence (OU-PSD) faction, and the Block of Volodymyr Lytvyn – does exist.

Talking about the coalition PM was operating with the word combination “the majority of OU-PSD faction”. According to parliamentary rules, the majority – not consensus – is making the final decisions inside any faction, emphasizes Yulia Tymoshenko. That means that the BYT will try to save the coalition in any price, even if the strictly pro-presidential part of the OU-PSD faction will be against that. Actually, President may lose his parliamentary faction and his influence in Parliament at all. (The possible consequences are rather predictable – a snap election). Deputy Chief of OU-PSD faction Borys Tarasyuk has already mentioned that he may sign the coalition treaty again, if the Chief of the faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko will refuse to do it.

One more remark concerns the Blackstone company, hired by the Government for millions of dollars to consult Ukraine on how to spend $16,4 billion credit of the International Monetary Fund. Yulia Tymoshenko mentioned that the company was chosen “according the current legislation” (though nobody heard about such a tender), and that it is “highly estimated by the IMF management”. Also Mrs. Tymoshenko admitted that she did meet the billionaire George Soros in Kiev one month ago, and that he gave her “advices on how to fight the world financial and economic crisis’ consequences”.

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joseph said...

The headline is eye-catching, but mis-leading. And leading is what this about. The President is not, and Yulia is trying to lead. I will give those members of the Presidents faction who have supported her credit, I hope they do so in interest of the good of the country.
Understand, I am not great fan of Yulia, but by comparison, she is a paragon of virtue when contrasted to Yush.
Who knows what the real truth is, but from here and right now the better headline would be; "Continued Extreme Presidential Stupidity Forces Desertion of His Last Supporters..."
And, the cowardice he shows in failing to stand up and declare his opposition is to be expected. I can not wait for his tool "Blow-Hard" to dispense his next lying declarations. I would expect HIM to say she stole the Presidents' support with bribes and promises.
I expect she did make promises, I hope they were in the best interests of Ukraine.