Monday, December 15, 2008

34 to 38? The President's part of OU-PSD consists of 34 MPs

Additional info to my previous post: 34 Members of Parliament were present at the OU-PSD faction sitting in President's Secretariat this morning.

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joseph said...

Think about this clearly... assuming all 72 deputies were available. The 38 who did not attend the presidents meeting are clearly declared for the coalition in defiance of Yush.
I doubt all 34 of the members who did attend will remain in line. It is easier to go to a meeting and later reveal by vote in the Rada where you really stand.
The only real question is, does a vote of the majority of the OU-PSD determine the vote (as a block) of the whole faction? If so, the Pres is clearly out of luck (and soon support).