Saturday, January 16, 2010

All Flags at Half-Mast. One more quotation from the President of Ukraine.

“If Yulia Tymoshenko is getting into the second round, it will be the time to go to Maidan and dip the national flag”, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said during one famous TV-show on 15 January 2010.


Anonymous said...

Sunday will be a day of celebration. The day when Yushchenko will lose his mandate to represent Ukraine. Ukraine could not have chosen a more worst president then Yushchenko. A man who does not know the meaning of the words democracy trust or loyalty. A man whose vision for Ukraine would spell disaster and possible collapse if ever implemented.

The tiger will eat the rat after it has frightened the horse

elmer said...

Yushchenko does indeed seem to have a fierce pathological hatred of Tymo.

But there seemed to be many, many insults this year.

Except that,unlike during the Orange Revolution, when Yanuk had his wife were busy calling people "narcomaniacs" and "beasts" and "goats" and worse, the candidates were busy insulting - each other.

Tymo called Yanuk a criminal. Yanuk told her that she should go to the zoo with her white tiger and stay there. Yushchenko told Tymo to get out of government.

There were more insults.

The result says it all -

same old people voting for the same old people.

How do people in Ukraine expect better government, a better economy, a better country, if the same old people keep voting for the same old people?

Ukraine's economy can't stay an underground economy forever.

Otherwise, what happens is the fall of the country - just like happened to the sovok union.

But there is no doubt that this election was far, far different from 2004.

And Yushchenko even exhibited a bit of class as he voted, in a very nice short statement, wishing Ukraine the best.

He did not mention Tymo, however.