Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In 2009 gas prices may rise to $700 and more

Today I have read very interesting article in FT. Basing on the axiom “Gas prices follow the pri+ce of oil with a lag about 9 months”, the experts of Cambridge Energy Research Associates (Cera), a US-based consultancy, predict the “gas price rising (in Europe – T.V.) from about $350 per thousand cubic metres at the start of the year to about $730 by April 2009”.

Ukraine has declared that its intentions to move to market-rules-based relationship with Russia, the main oil and gas supplier of Ukrainian economy. So, in 2009 Ukrainian businessmen and citizens may face the price around $600-700. Even $500 is deadly price for most Ukrainian enterprises that produce some goods.

Dramatic rise of gas prices will be dramatic for Ukraine and its independence.

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